Our Exclusive Services

We are not limited to just academy and charter services.

Aviation Consultancy

Expertise To Set Up Complete Aviation Organisation

Aviation Project Approvals / Permissions & Coordination / Aviation Liason Services

Approvals / no objection certificates for all type of aviation permissions

Liaison / coordination with all type of aviation related agencies / governments / authorities etc.

Flight Operations, Maintenance Management Consultancy

Aircraft / helicopter maintenance

Organisation management contract

Flight management / control / arrangements

Flight airport ground handling management

Fuel supply and refuelling services

Aircraft Arrangements

Arrangements of all type of flying machines (aircraft / helicopters / large passenger aircraft for all type of aviation services including air cargo services.

We Can Associate

We can associate with any associate group as per following with our experience, expertise, professional / technical manpower, technical support and available infrastructure.

Aircraft Maintenance

We have good experience to provide such services to the other organizations to maintain their aircraft / helicopter. We can provide flying machines maintenance services to the state governments, corporate and private aircraft owners who don’t have their own aircraft maintenance facility.

Special aircraft maintenance services, including engine overhaul services

Aviation tools and equipment supply

Spare Parts Supply